Build Your Hoard Faster With Dragon Insulation’s Proven, SBA-Loan Approved Business Model

Starting a Dragon Insulation franchise helps your dreams take flight. Our proven business model is affordable and offers a high potential return on investment.

Starting a Successful Business Is More Accessible Than You Might Think

Ready to take control of your future without breaking the bank? Dragon Insulation franchises can be started for as little as $17,000 of your own money invested when paired with an SBA loan. Once you’re up and running, insulation franchises generate high revenue with exceptional profits—think high six-figures annually with attainable 25% profit margins. Don’t miss your chance to build financial freedom and independence with our proven business model.

Eligible For SBA-Express Loan

Starting your own Dragon Insulation franchise is more affordable than you might think! Our franchise is eligible for the federal SBA-Express loan program, making it fast and easy to get the financing you need to begin your business.

Qualified borrowers can get bank approval for their loan in as little as one business day, meaning you’ll spend less time waiting to become your own boss!

Core Startup Costs

Getting started with a Dragon Insulation franchise is very affordable:
$107,550* is all you need to begin.
This amount includes:

  • Service vehicle
  • Equipment necessary for installing blown-insulation
  • Starting materials
  • Licensing
  • Insurance
  • Franchise fee

*For franchisees who qualify for an SBA loan, you may only need to invest as little as $17,000 of your own money to begin!

Optional Costs

Dragon Insulation offers a scalable business model with a variety of service levels available.
Startup Costs for

  • All services excluding spray foam: $196,500
  • All services including spray foam: $300,000

Projected Return on Investment

On average, insulation franchises generate $650,000 in revenue per year. At Dragon Insulation our streamlined business model and optimized processes allow franchise owners to anticipate a profit margin of up to 25%.

Between the low startup cost and high rate of return, franchise owners will be able to recoup their initial investment quickly and then enjoy financial independence thereafter.

The History of Dragon Insulation

Dragon Insulation was started after we realized how common it was for homes to be underinsulated, resulting in perennially high energy bills and uncomfortable living spaces.

Our mission is to provide uncompromising customer service and help homeowners protect their homes against extreme temperatures, reducing their AC bills in the summer and heating bills in the winter, while boosting their comfort all year long.