Get Your Questions Answered: Dragon Insulation Franchise FAQs

Have more questions about Dragon Insulation or just want to learn more? Here are the ten most commonly asked questions we receive about our franchise:

What is the mission of Dragon Insulation?

Dragon Insulation’s mission is to help protect its customers’ homes from the elements, making their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. Let’s help provide our community with a more sustainable future, together!

What is the History of Dragon Insulation?

During his years spent working for a foundation repair company, Emmett Nolan realized there were no companies in the area specializing in vapor barrier installations. Sensing a demand, Emmett started Dragon Vapors Barriers in 2019, offering high quality vapor barriers installed by professionals.

Working in crawl spaces to solve homeowner’s problems, the company naturally grew into replacing old floor insulation, and then in 2020 the company rebranded as Dragon Vapor Barriers and Insulation. Not long after that, the company began installing attic insulation using predominantly a blown-in fiberglass material.

As the business continued to grow and surpassed expectations, Dragon grew into new construction and large renovation projects. And as the Dragon continued its flight, an opportunity presented itself to franchise the brand and Dragon Insulation was born.

What is the concept?

Dragon Insulation is a customer service-based insulation company that specializes in retrofitting existing homes with proper insulation to make their home more energy efficient and comfortable. We typically thrive in developed areas where there are homes built prior to 20 years ago.

Most of our business is residential and typically our services are used to solve problems such as reducing energy costs, making the home more temperature controlled, or reacting to an inspection report or restoration/renovation work.

Dragon sees an increase in business when it’s hot or cold outside, the housing market is thriving, or energy costs are going up. Overall, business seems to be consistent year-round.

What is the insulation industry’s relevancy?

The US insulation market in 2022 stood at US$11.64 billion and is projected to reach US$15.22 billion by 2028. The focus on energy conservation and sustainability in recent years has boosted demand for insulation materials in the US market. Building codes and regulations mandating higher levels of insulation in new construction projects have further contributed to the growth of the insulation market.

The use of insulation in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors is essential for creating more sustainable, cost-effective solutions while enhancing comfort and promoting safety. The US insulation market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.56% during the forecast period of 2023-2028.

Who are Dragon Insulation’s customers?

Homeowners and General Contractors (GCs).

Today’s homeowner is concerned and perhaps more knowledgeable than ever about their home’s energy usage. An attempt to go “green” has homeowners on the lookout for energy-efficient home improvements that reduce waste.

In addition, GCs need our subcontracting services to complete projects, from new construction, renovations, restorations, or energy-efficient upgrades.

How do you find customers?

As a Dragon Insulation franchisee, you will immediately be able to take advantage of our proven marketing strategies. From content for traditional media channels to the most modern techniques for boosting your company’s visibility on Google search result pages, we will help you reach your business goals.

Where is the concept located?

Dragon Insulation Franchise is considered a home-based business model, although you will need storage for inventory that can be stored in a local storage unit facility. As your franchise grows, so may the need for more storage space, whether that be more storage units or a light commercial warehouse.

Initially, home-based businesses offer lower start-up costs and overhead due to all or part of the business being operated from your house. There may also be tax savings available when you run your business out of your house, making a home-based business an economical choice for many of those who want to be their own boss.

What is the profile of a successful franchisee?

The concept is reliant on a strong sales and marketing-oriented leader who is proficient in interacting with and selling to clients. The success of the corporate office and leadership can be directly related to the professionalism and dedication to service exhibited throughout their time in business and years in the home services industry. In order to have successful franchisees, they too must exhibit this dedication to sales and customer service in building their own business.

What are the investment options?

The concept fits very well into today’s franchise marketplace. It is a business model that allows for a reasonable and realistic initial investment, as a franchisee will be able to operate out of an inexpensive warehouse space with the use of a standardized vehicle. A franchisee can get into business with all the required initial tooling for around $100,000.

Franchisees will be thoroughly screened to make sure they are suitably capitalized. The business can be highly profitable and is a flexible and scalable business model, which would allow for a franchisee to add revenue and profitability in significant multiples as appropriate to operational capabilities and market size.

What support do franchisees get?

At Dragon Insulation, we believe that success lies in proper preparation.

Our dual phase training program consists of a three-day training program prior to opening day that will begin to train you in all things related to running a successful insulation company.

The second phase happens after opening day and includes hands-on and in-the-field training at your location, including sales calls, installation training, and owner workflow training.

At Dragon Insulation, we’re committed to helping our franchise partners maximize their potential. That’s why we provide ongoing training and development to help enhance unit-level profitability and keep your business soaring.