Set Your Path, Reap the Rewards: Your Insulation Franchise Opportunity Awaits!

Starting a Dragon Insulation franchise sets you on the path towards financial success and independence. Our proven business model delivers a high ROI and the insulation industry is on track to continue growing for decades to come!

Starting Your Journey To Success Has Never Been Easier

When you choose Dragon insulation you’ll get access to in-depth training, a proven business model, and easily accessible funding options. See how Dragon Insulation helps your dreams take flight.

Proven Business Model & A High ROI

With an industry average revenue of over $600,000 per year and a typical net profit margin of 25%, our proven business model helps franchise owners quickly recoup their investment and achieve financial independence.

Growing Industry

Insulation is an $11.6 billion dollar business which is growing by nearly 5% each year. With building insulation requirements growing ever stricter as codes are revised, your Dragon Insulation franchise will remain a valuable asset for decades to come.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Whether you’re an experienced general contractor or this is your first foray into professional home services, our dual-phase hands-on training program and franchise support services prepares new owners for success.

Flexible Business Model

Run the business that works best for you. Our flexible business model lets you choose which supplementary insulation services are the right fit for your region, skills, and desired level of initial investment.

Qualifies For SBA-Express Loan

Getting the capital for a Dragon Insulation franchise is easier than you might think! Our proven business model is SBA-Express Loan approved and qualified borrowers can receive approval for a $150,000 government-backed loan in as little as one day!

The History of Dragon Insulation

Dragon Insulation was started after we realized how common it was for homes to be underinsulated, resulting in perennially high energy bills and uncomfortable living spaces.

Our mission is to provide uncompromising customer service and help homeowners protect their homes against extreme temperatures, reducing their AC bills in the summer and heating bills in the winter, while boosting their comfort all year long.