The Tale of Dragon Insulation

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The History of Dragon Insulation

Emmett Nolan’s path towards creating Dragon Insulation began when he was a technician for a foundation repair company. Emmett realized that there were no companies in the region which offered vapor barrier installations, despite there being a ready demand for the product. Dragon Vapor Barriers was started in 2019 to fill this void, offering high quality vapor barriers installed by professionals.

Working in crawl spaces to solve homeowner’s problems, the company naturally grew into replacing old floor insulation, and in 2020 the company rebranded as Dragon Vapor Barriers and Insulation. Not long after that, the company began installing attic insulation.

The insulation business continued to grow and surpassed all expectations, and Dragon began providing insulation services for new construction and large renovation projects.

And as the Dragon continued its flight, an opportunity presented itself to franchise the brand and Dragon Insulation was born.

What’s In A Name?

A question that is commonly asked of Dragon Insulation is: Why is it called that?

The most common theory is that perhaps Emmett, Dragon Insulation’s founder, was into Dungeons and Dragons… A good theory – but incorrect.

Instead, the name comes from popular culture. When Emmett was coming up with the name for his new company, dragons were everywhere in the media. Game of Thrones was approaching its final seasons, DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon franchise was releasing films, and Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon had just been announced.

Not only were dragons everywhere on screens, but Emmett’s son was born in the year of the dragon according to the Chinese astrological calendar, making this mythical beast hold a special place in Emmett’s heart.

But the name isn’t just a name. Since the beginning, Dragon Insulation has treated its customers like they’re the kings and queens of their castles. Emmett’s original vision carries on today and Dragon Insulation’s goal is to insulate our customer’s castle from the heat and the cold and to make their homes a more pleasant place to live.